Here's How The Grillex Works

The Grillex suspends basket and skewers vertically around the heat source cooking up to 4.5 pounds of food to perfection in 20 minutes or less.  The patent pending flavor chimney system locks in the flavor and drains away the excess fat for healthier cooking.


Plus, with 10 independent flavor chimneys, you can cook a variety of foods simultaneously - fish, meat, vegetables and even desserts without any transfer of flavors - saving you time and delivering meals your entire family will enjoy.


Grillex boasts portability and as ease of use, making it perfect for the outdoors as well as the indoors. From special events to backyard gatherings, tailgating and camping, Grillex™ can be used on virtually any burner. Friends and family are going to love gathering around the Grillex, eagerly creating their own skewer of grilled perfection.

It's not just a grill, it's Grillex!